Monday, April 26, 2004

work today was DUH. i felt underutilised. my efficiency was fully shown in the way i handed back every piece of work given to me in less than half the expected time. my superiors were veri surprised to say the least. cos i still had no PC and no intranet, they couldn't expect me to help with their server implementation of the training programs etc. in the end, was assigned to clear out some dusty old cupboards and rearrange the stuff in the room. all cluttered up and messy basicalli. cleaned it out and cleared the mess in an hour. yes, i noe i'm realli super efficient, i can't help it!! :P aniway. managed to leave at 6.30 today. 6.30!! finalli. only my first 2 days of work i managed to leave so earli. and hp was so sweet!! despite having exams on friday, he came to fetch me from work. *touched* he had dinner at my place and as my parents had to fetch my sis from her tuition job, he got a ride to JP.. :) my sis scared us for not returning calls/ answering sms etc. had some weird foreboding feeling something happend to her, like robbery/murder etc. i'm realli too imaginative for my own good sometimes.. lucki she appeared at 10. else i would prolly have gone to the house and asked if she was there liaoz. phew.

lunched with xinhuan today. i love meeting up frens for lunch. my oni time of the day to relax and meet up with pple basicalli, pple not from the office i mean. we toked, yaked, shopped. and i got a box of pralines from Sins (the chocolate store) today! free! was reading Her World magazine on the bus to work and i saw that the offer to redeem the chocs began today! and hehe.. there was an outlet at millenia walk so it was realli heng i saw the article. haven eaten them yet though.. wil comment on them when i'm greedy enuff to eat them all up..


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