Thursday, April 29, 2004

just reached home.. went to bugis to shop with my sis after work. i tot it was bloody near so i walked. yes, walked from suntec to bugis. it realli was veri near! unfortunately, it also started to rain. i was walking towards bugis from the ecp exit (pple who drive there will noe wat i'm toking abt) and it started to drizzle. ok, still bearable.. then as i reached the middle of that bridge, rain got heavier, lightning was flashing every few min. by the time i reached the junction, where there was no shelter aniwhere near and it was a little too late to turn back and run into suntec, the rain started pouring. SUAY. was torn btw running forwards towards any building but was afraid i would fall down and malu myself even further. so i tried to walk briskly without looking too pathetic and it was like only in the last 100m when i then remembered i had today (the paper) in my bag. well, it saved me from SOME drenching at least. can't believe my stupidity.

when i finalli reached bugis, was nearly totalli drenched, and me and my sis went to trim our brows and after that walked ard a little. we saw a super dumb booboo sign at the entrance of The Edge (a poor imitation of The Annex at the Heeren).. "We've extended the Edge" or something liddat saying bout the extension of the edge has been opened blah blah. they might as well add a tagline saying "We've extended the Edge, Walk further b4 u FALL over! " ... LAME.. heh..

my frens said i've been crapping alot these few days. maybe its cos i haven seen hp in like.. 4 days i think? hmmm. longest break i've taken from seeing him so far. hope he's studying hard for his exams... dun even dare to call him much. JIAYOU dear deaR!!

going to my bank's regional head's farewell dinner tomolo evening. its weird. i dun even noe him yet i'm invited to attend. my whole floor's pple have been invited as well though. his chauffeur's most excited bout this. nv see him so enthu bout walking in and out and toking bout the party's itinery everyday. maybe he's just glad that his boss is finally leaving him for gd. hehe..


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