Saturday, May 01, 2004

got scolded by my mom again. and some ridiculous arguing that i can't even be bothered to listen to. she denied all instances where she had toked bad bout my frens and criticised them and brought up some irrelevant things to argue abt. can't be bothered to tok sense. like i said before, i'll be out b4 she noes it.

napped the whole day. still feeling exhausted. i can't sleep beyond 9am nowadays and then go ard feeling groggy the whole day. veri unhealthy. been feeling veri cooped up. i wanna go out and HAVOC!! haiz. but no energy. is this how its like when u grow old? is this how it's like to feel old? I DUN WANNA GROW UP!! :S *Sobz*

realised i'm not going to figure veri much in ani of his impt decisions regarding his career next time. as he has so clearly stated. even if it affects me, it is still his decision to make. i will be told. but its still his decision to make. without consideration of my views/feelings at all. haiz. do i realli wan that?


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