Sunday, May 02, 2004

turbulent nite. quarrels and more tears. i am still so angry. maybe it's PMS, but i feel soo betrayed. I noe u've apoogised and i accept it but it takes time to get over it. i've nv done anithing to hurt u on purpose, always careful of my words to others even, to let pple think we're ok even if there were times i was feeling down. cos i believe jia chou bu wai yang! apparently, u dun believe in that. and u had to tell it to another girl. GIRLS. i dun trust them. (sorri girls out there, its just that i've been backstabbed and my life and rep ruined becos of some bitches and the evil carried on by even more bitches, hence the wariness towards them from then on. ) aniway, just take the trouble to hide the tracks better from now on k? isn't that like the rule in army, do anithing but dun get caught? u've gotten complacent.


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