Thursday, May 06, 2004

had a super long meeting today. 9 am supposed to start, the boss made me go starbucks buy coffee for everyone, his treat of course. in the end started oni at 10. made me get up earli for nothing. ... but hp was so sweet to come send me to work so that i no need to wake up super early. :) so happy! the meeting lasted til 12. i didn't have much to contribute since i haven been doing much aniway. :( sadz. then he treated us to lunch at soup restaurant. 8 course. so full. the food was oni so-so. i didn't realli like it. oh well.. but the boss is realli nice though. crack loads of jokes and all. hmm.. ok lah, at least they noe i exist now.

Anyway, after that.. work was back to being borin again.. nv go out today oso.. having a rest at home..


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