Saturday, May 08, 2004

i dunno why angelfire images refuse to let me show it on my site. damn irritating, so now its back to colours so plain and ugly. 'til i figure out wat to do.

slept only at 4+ last nite. head hurts. my sis woke me up at 7am. WITH AN SMS. asking me to help her buy movie tickets when i was like obviously broke. and then after that couldn't sleep properly, just dozed off and woke up intermittently when my phone rang (sighz) and i got smses. normalli, no one msges me or anithing at all. they all had to choose a day i wanted to sleep in to all do that together. (sighz again)

no plans for the weekend. i HAD plans, but all spoilt by the fact that the paycheck i expect did not arrive. kaoz. one weekend wasted. wanted to go phuture last nite, go JB today, maybe tomorrow mahjong. BUT, becos i face impending bankrupcy courtesy of a local telco, and basically am totally broke now, all my plans have been changed to STAY AT HOME THIS WEEKEND AND STUDY. :*( sobz...

printed my whole blog (jun'03 - apr'04) in the office yesterday cos i was afraid that blogger might be gone one day and take my writings with it. hmm.. come to think of it, no matter how far along technology advances, man (or woman) will still feel safer with hardcopy of documents. oni way they could be destroyed is shredding, or a fire. now, i'm definitely not going to do that to my blog. haha.. was reading through it and i realise that reading short forms of wording is pretty irritating. (oops, sorry readers!) shall be aiming to use y instead of the 'i's that I like to end my words with and write properly. haha... and that the past 10 months have passed by very quickly. (it's been 10 months??!!) yah, it seems like yesterday only when i blogged bout my birthday (28th sep), or even how excited I was about school beginning again (some day in july). haiz. just wanna say thanks to all of those who have showed concerned to me over the past 10 months and all those who follow my bloggie.. THANK YOU!! u made me feel really appreciated and to know that someone cares for you in the world is truly a wonderful feeling. :)


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