Thursday, May 20, 2004

"In you, I found peace"

history comes alive in films. lazy youngsters who have no interest at all in greek myths and legends will noe the story of Troy for years to come cos of the magic of movies. with the lure of handsome men and beautiful women they idolise acting on the big screens for them, can they not catch a piece of the action?

the movie was good. besides the fact that Brad Pitt was deliciously nude in many scenes, the legend was well portrayed in the show. the arrogance of Archilles, the heroic Hector who put his countrymen before him, showing true honour in battle, cowardly Paris who created trouble with his beauty (orlando bloom was well-chosen to act this role..), and Helen was really very beautiful. Very elegant, its so difficult to hate her despite that it was her impulsiveness that caused the ruin of Troy. many of the battle scenes were a little too gory and brutal for me (as were those in passion of christ and gladiator and other war films) but, haiz, i really dun understand why these men had to kill each other to get their way. couldn't they talk it out? honour and glory is really so important? perhaps this is why men and women are different. pity all the gd pple had to die in the end. or should i say good-looking? heh..


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