Thursday, May 27, 2004

argh..overslept this morning..woke up at 8.15am..rushed to tk the bus at 9 and reached work only at 10am. and i played PC games the whole morning. ahahahaha!!!

have been very suay these 2 days on the bus. twice, china women (aunties) sat next to me. not that i'm purposely discriminating, but they were both very rude and inconsiderate!!! both seemed to think that i'm invisible or something and read their papers with their elbow shoved into my side. and oso sms-ed with their elbows pushed into me like i wasn't there. how come i dun seem to need so much space to do the same things?? and then, the woman who sat next to me this morning behaved like the whole bus was hers. we were sitting in those seats at the front where u face 2 pple who face the whole bus. and this old lady sat down in front of her but she didn't even had the courtesy to tuck her feet in and let the old lady sit properly. poor old lady had to sit sideways the whole ride. !! i was super disgusted at her. and while reading her papers, she was adjusting her bra openly. YUCK!! maybe i really am invisible or something.


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