Monday, May 31, 2004

last day at work. damn stupid.first thing my boss told me to do is to clear up my desk for the new PC for the new MA. then she started calling up another dept about some site testing thing and it was obvious they didn't have anithing for me to do but she kept harrassing them for things for me to do. as usual, that girl was late, and i was shifted to the fourth level. by 3pm, i was superbly bored and playing games on my laptop in full view of anione who walks past. left early when i received a call from my frens who were at suntec. had a walk around b4 weilun took us to jp in his car for dinner. heh.. they totally crack me up.. nv laugh at so many lame jokes for so long.. treated them to curry fish head but i was not that hungry enuff to eat alot. celestee had treated me to pasta at Moonfish (formerly spagheddies) at millenia walk in the afternoon so was still feeling bloated. craving for a bit of ice cream now though. haagen dazs anyone?


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