Friday, June 11, 2004

2 tuition sessions today, quite fulfilling, was a little irritated that these kids dun make an effort to think at all, haiz. aniway, met hanping for dinner at pasta cafe (yay!) and i finally tried something new. a great breakthrough, considering the only dish i ever eat there is the sambal marinara.. ate the seafood risotto and i feel that its quite nice, but doesn't match up to the sambal marinara at all. heh.

finally, the sony service centre has shifted to wisma. (from commonwealth the ulu place)n i happened to be there so i went to enquire bout my MD remote control. its quite disappointing to have them tell me that the stock hasn't been shifted from the commonwealth side yet. damn.

i need new slippers/sandals!! and went to flash & splash after dinner to see if there was anithing i could get from there.. there were LOADS!! arghh.. this cool faded denim bag, veri cool jackets with faux fur-lined collars and veri sweet looking white pullovers with blue stripes.. BUT.. the prices were not veri cool.. so ... had to just bite my tongue and walk out.. :(

poor hp is so tired after his few days of training cum work he slept all the way back on the bus.. hmm.. tk care dear..


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