Wednesday, June 09, 2004

the same figure from my nightmare came back. (refer to June 03's entry). this time it got closer. it had taken a step into my room and i could see his face. Yes, its a he. with stubbly unshaven face and very fierce eyes that was blood red and piercing. the scenario was almost totally the same, except this time, there was no sis to come in and save me out. i saw him at the door, tried to get up, took a softtoy from my bed and weakly tried to throw it at him but did not succeed and he just pointed menacingly a finger at me to pin me down on the bed with some supernatural powers bah. no sound came from me and just suddenly, my consciousness was dragged back into nitemare world. argh, its still so vivid, my chest hurts still (where he supernaturally held me back). of course needless to say, i didn't wake up feeling fresh at all. and made my sis take down the horrible mobile from my door frame immediately. think i'll go to the temple soon.


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