Thursday, June 10, 2004

i have deduced that i'm suffering from post-Friends depression. after watching the last episode of season 10, there is nothing to look forward to in sitcoms and nothing to switch on my kazaa for any more. :( watching the old episodes do make me slightly happier but not as happy as if there were more new plot to look forward to. the last episode was kind of disappointing. the birth process of monica and chandler's adopted baby was too rushed, rachel and ross' lines were a little too cheesy, and the ending left me feeling very hollow. sad that things were ending but not satisfied that it ended that way. with a lame parting shot. :( feeling a huge sense of loss. haiz.

could barely wake up this morning. watched Harry Potter & the prisoner of Azkaban last nite and it was pretty gd. at least the monsters were of a higher quality than the phoenix in the Chamber of Secrets (remember it looked like a chicken?) . but they changed alot of the plot sequence, and it was a little irritating. pretty exciting throughout, good casting of the new teachers but i always visualised Prof Lupin to be more handsome than the nerdy guy the movie's using now. and erm, Gandulf looks a little comical as Dumbledore, not so dignified as the past actor who's passed away. but it's worth watching. :)

after that had supper with hp and his hall mates at boon lay.. at first i wanted supper cos i was hungry, but after that i didn't have much appetite cos i was sleepy. haiz. then realised my camera had a longtime exposure function. hehe... its fun! but still have to learn how to use it properly..


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