Monday, June 14, 2004

would I disappoint anyone if i start blogging one-liners every day? :X

hee.. just joking, i'm too long-winded to do that anyway.. gave an interview to Life!thisWeekend regarding Gunbound to help out a fren's fren's fren who was doing her IA at Straits Times. its prolly not going to come out this weekend (haha.. pun there..) cos she hasn't taken our pictures yet :) its supposed to be on the cover i think, so do watch out for it! did the interview with hawx and another NUS guy that i dunno, but i think she should prolly have interviewed kids also haha.. coincidentally, we all have about similar ranks, but i'm the highest ranked among those interviewed.. (MUAHAHAHAHA)

hanping met me at funan cos he wanted to cut his hair.. but i dun think it was very well done. he looked rather silly (although neater) cos his hair's too thin for those in between length where u can see the scalp yet u still look untidy.. :(

haven't been sleeping very well these few nights.. i have dreams i can't remember, and i keep waking up in the middle of the night. after that i have difficulty getting back to dreamland and i wake up at like 7am again and after that doze in and out of sleep.. leaving me unable to feel very rested the next day. :( anyone knows of any gd psychiatrist? i think i got alot of internal knots (xin jie) to get rid of b4 i can finally sleep soundly once more.


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