Wednesday, June 23, 2004

This is my 500th post :) woot! nv tot i'd actually have the determination to write something everyday. personally, i dun think my writing has improved at all :( i also did a change of template, which should be just temporary i think, just to have a change of environment. personally, this is too small.. no space for my words and picts and links.. a little too cutesy also.. some opinions please?

today almost couldn't get up again. had to summon every single ounce of willpower i had to sit up and get dressed. came home at 11+ to rest for the afternoon's session but the girl said to postpone cos she was out. even better, i get to rest and pack my room. now at least, i have one more shelf empty, and another bag of rubbish. haha.. went to make a new pair of specs, hope it makes me look better.. :P


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