Tuesday, June 22, 2004

i just received my starhub bill for the month of june and guess wat, i've broken my incoming call record again!! woohoO!! the last record was 2 months ago of $301 but this month, my incoming calls made up a total of 2181 min and cost poor starhub $327! heh.. i dun feel guilty bout it at all, although i really do wonder how starhub is going to survive in the long run with customers like us.

i'm so happy today.. hp was off work today cos of his allergy and i went to cook him dinner :) alrite, it was more of him cooking, but i didn't get to help much cos he kept splashing the boiling water at me accidentally! oh well.. but the dinner was good and we had a long chat.. both things that we haven't done together in a really long time it seems. (the chat and the dinner)

had some stupid disagreements with a tuition parent today for yesterday's session. refusing to pay me for the time i stayed back to help the dumb kid. its not my fault that you wan me to solve every single question step by step and explain it to you as well, how do i noe it takes you that long to understand?? aniway, the stupid kid claimed to his mom that i wasted a whole hour on a question that i couldn't solve hence the extra hour needed. kaoz. kids are such liars. was pretty pissed and mentally made a note to nv stay any extra time for that kid again. idiotic.


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