Monday, July 05, 2004

GREECE is the best!! WOOO!!!
only watched the match after the first goal and i'm truly amazed at their defence. 11 pple guarding the goal posts, its no wonder no one could score against them. and when they had the chance for a corner, they made full use of it to get ahead. whereas when the portughese had the rare chance to beat the keeper one-to-one, they were too flustered to kick properly and all their shots went high or wide. sighz. so many wasted chances at the goals. i wonder if anyone watches the COPA American thingey..

one of the highlights of an otherwise boring game, the mad bugger in t-shirt and jeans came onto the field at the 83rd min and ran around b4 jumping into the net of a goal mouth with scores of security personnel pinning him down

true greek heroes of the modern times


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