Saturday, July 03, 2004

today had a great feast for lunch.. went to her world's bridal show at Grand Hyatt and the buffet lunch was wonderful. the lack of my appetite was forgotten in the abundance of all my favourite food like cold jellyfish, shark's fin and abalone. woohoo... it was a stand-up buffet, and the hotel had prepared most of their banquet food for us potential wedding banquet customers to test. i had like a lot of jelly fish and 3 bowls of shark's fin soup. ahh.. can still remember the taste of it. of course there were other food like sushi, abalone + mushroom, dim sum, etc etc. u get the idea. sumptious.

shall be posting up picts of the fashion show tomolo since my cam is out of batt to upload but they were quite amazing. of cos it helped that the models were tall and pretty.. then after that there was a lucky draw.. ultimately unlucky for us i must say, cos the couples on both sides of us won something. but not us. :S after that, there was an amazing dessert buffet by the hotel again.. woo.. all sorts of delights, brownies, tiramisu, chocolate fondue, cheese cake.. etc etc.. ahh..

show finally ended at 5 where i got a free paraffin hand wax treatment and makeover. looks nice but a little heavy for day wear.. will show picts tomolo again. heh..


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