Sunday, July 11, 2004

so sleepy. spent the morning tidying up my table (not veri successfully), writing up cover letters and resumes to be sent out (ok i did bout 5 or 6)..

i'm currently reading Notes from an even Smaller Island by Neil Humphreys. heh.. he cracks me up.. i think british humour's great. wit and alot of sarcasm.. but his latest one was funnier cos this first (or is it second?) book incorporates quite alot of explanations on Singapore's history (political and social) to explain certain unique singaporean social phenomenons to his readers whom he probably believed included expatriates. helpful information for the ignorant i suppose. :)

anyway.. was so desperate for passport-sized photos i printed my own. i look like crap now anyway with the late nitez, would be difficult to get a gd picture that won't scare the HR dept to death.


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