Saturday, July 24, 2004

jap class was so fun last nite. cos i knew pple le, it wasn't so awkward, we could help each other out and make jokes and chit chat.. once again.. as they went thru the food vocab.. i was drooling.. lack of dinner and i could actually hear my stomach growling.


anyway.. after that met hp and we had dinner near his place n we decided to watch Big fish at his place. the movie was kinda long though. we managed only to watch half the show until 1am and no choice, he had to send me back home. (its still his workday today *sobz*)..

went home and was feeling awake, so i read finished my only shopaholics book "Shopaholics ties the knot" by  sophie kinsella. it was gd! or maybe i'm just at the stage where everything weddingy brings up emotions in me that i can't explain. hiakz. the book's been lying ard the house awhile and i finally mustered enuff strength to lift it up and start. couldn't stop after that. haha.. think i'll get the books after that one to read too.. :)

off to eat kuishinbo with my sis le.. craving for all things (food ) jap after class everyweek.. :P


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