Friday, July 23, 2004

bloggin on a friday afternoon.. can see how bored i am bah.. decided to apply for UOL external study program since i'm zoboing now .. can fund it myself with my current income aniway..

abit peeved bout some pple on public transport. the nite b4, this chinaman sat beside me. he kept whistling... and singing.. while he read his book. it was especially irritating because it was late at night and i was trying to rest. after awhile, he started to dig his ears and flick it around to see where it can land. i think something landed on me cos i felt it and was super disgusted. flinched visibly and he just carried on. disgusting dude. these are the kind of foreign talent that the country is trying to attract? sheesh..

thinking of going out but nowhere to go.. not really sure where i wan to go oso.. just wan to go out of the house.. :S


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