Saturday, July 17, 2004

Shopping spree today!! heh.. so happy cos i haven't bought myself anything nice in a really long time..
had tuition this morning (i could barely wake up for it again..) but i had to go cos it was payday.. haha.. turns out the girl was sick (maybe from smoking too much.. not that i'm being judgemental, but she's ONLY SEC 3!!!) and in the end her bro could only be back from sch much later so i decided to give him tuition tomorrow evening instead of the long 5 hours today. in the end, i just went thru bio with her and then left.. went home to take a bath & found $50 in cheque waiting for me from some long ago tuition session finally mailed to me. WOOHOO! .. haha.. suddenly $200 richer..
went to simlim with frens to get their IT needs.. (an optical mouse & an ink cartridge.. ) was tempted to change my keyboard but decided against it. (CANNOT WASTE MONEY!!! ) anyway, was supposed to get my sandals today, can't spend the extra money on IT stuff i didn't need. although the 17" LCD monitors looked super tempting... argh...
finally finished with sim lim and we went to BJ for lunch.. (bugis junction of cos.. wat else can BJ stand for? hmmm.. ) was so craving for jap food after last nite's lesson i forced everyone to eat at Domi kitchen.. ate curry rice.. realli filling and only cost $5.80.. after that bought 2 new tops at 77th street.. yah, i'm a little old to shop there but found 2 really nice tops that fit me without being skimpy or too short.. hate to reveal my tummy nowadays since its really gross looking..
after that went to taka to buy my sandals from Nike cos thats the only place i saw it. turns out they only have size 5 left!! :( was quite sad.. then decided to go take a look at royal sporting house.. they had only size 6 but it could fit (tightly) and i wasn't going to buy the ugly blue pair which had a size larger.. they look like this, just that my pair's orange..
had dinner later on at bukit timah market.. managed to reach home b4 8pm.. dead beat.. but feeling super contented.. :P


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