Thursday, July 22, 2004

finally home sweet home. had my jc class chalet for the past 2 days.. hmm.. tues nite til thurs morning..

tuesday was a busy day..
2 tuition sessions, b4 i finally could go to the chalet at 9.30pm. the long ride on the mrt was torturous. cck all the way to pasir ris without any reading material or music to listen to. luckily, met up with hp halfway at raffles place, and we walked the deserted stretch of road to downtown east together having missed the last bus. (the last bus to the resort ended at 1opm.) ... it was ok to walk actually, the bus from the interchange is only one stop away from the resort; we reached there in 10 min. a little awkward initially, then i intro-ed hp to the guys at the pit, they made small talk, but mostly left me and hp alone. think he felt quite weird, so after we finished eating and cleared up, he told me to join the class while he took a walk ard the resort.

took a bath and the guys decided to play Indian Poker in view of the large amts of alcohol available. very the suay, kena a round where they had filled the cup with an insane amount of vodka. kinda embarrassing, i was knocked out by the ONE cup i drank. :S maybe cause i took quite a while to finish it, by the time i finished it i was already feeling warm and my face was having red patches. :( UGLY. hp had come back too and i decided i was too sleepy and pukish to drink anymore. they made hp tuck me into bed in the other room and i think i just blacked out until bout 7.30 am the next morning. argh.

i woke up super early, with a slight hangover. and a craving for some ice cream. weird. it was pouring outside and i tot of my new sandals getting soaked. :( no one else seemed to be stirring from their sleep yet so decided to just get out of the room and take a walk. saw a big Cheers outlet and walked in to get a cornetto and a pkt of milk. bought the papers as well which turned out to be a wise move. went back to the chalet and no one was awake yet still. haiz. but then they only slept at 5am... so .. heh.. anyway, after finishing off my food, JY woke up beside me and started chattering to PS who was oso half awake. they laughed super loudly, managing to wake everyone up. hehe..

after brunch at one of the pasir ris hawker centres, came back to get ready for wild wild wet. we had 10 tix free, so none of us had to pay. which was good. cos the place is freaking overpriced!! $12.50. and it was actually exactly like jurong swimming complex. except for some stupid computerised locker system that actually hung and we were stuck outside waiting for our things for like 15-20 min. tried out all the rides, it was quite fun (cos it was free) overall, esp since i hadn't been to any place fun with hp for a long time. had to leave at 5 though and hp went home too, went all the way back to bukit batok for tuition (slept through the whole train journey) and then after that i managed to catch the last train back to pasir ris. i almost died of boredom again on the ride. i couldn't sleep cos there were 2 weirdos beside me. they kept digging their ears & flicking the dirt ard (YUCK) and they kept shifting in their seats, sometimes pushing their bags into me, which forced me to shift ard as well. IRRITATING!

reached pasir ris at 11.30pm? and had to walk the way to the resort myself cos none of the guys were kind enuff to walk me in. IDIOTs. deserted stretch of road, was a little jittery. we played some mathematical drinking game that fried my brain and i lost a few times.. :( had to sleep early again, but this time voluntarily. was so tired. some one was snoring really loudly that nite. hmm. woke up when some one on-ed the tv in the morning.

back home now. zzz



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