Saturday, July 24, 2004

found a hate blog. she claims i'm not too gd looking and she can make it as model.. u guys wanna judge for urselves?


according to her, my blog sux becos "all she is blogging about are her bf, her cfa and her very mundane life". and she keeps on reading. poor fool. her life must be more mundane than mine to have to keep reading my blog even though she thinks it sux.

and once more, the poor girl says that "Pple wld care about your life if you are moderately pretty. Sad to say-- Boo here is not pretty, at least not sneeze-ohh-poor-thing-pretty-babe. " and she goes on to say that "You write about every snippet of your life-- Do we care TT much? No." but yet she reads on. Sheesh. some pple just can't make up their mind. if she still reads it, even bothering to analyse, she must really have no life. and contradicting herself.

Really... i'm not out to be the best blog or wat shit.. there are pple who enjoy my blog and there are pple who dun. if u dun wanna noe bout my mundane life, then dun read anymore and torture urself. pathetic sia.. if u're just saying looks make the blog, then i'm sorry to say that your blog is totally sucky. (in case u're dense, i'm saying u're UGLIER than me.) at least my i looks gd in my picts. ur picts.. i won't bother to comment.

P.S. this bitchy girl used to be in my neighbouring class in hwachong. thanks for the publicity anyway. think u're the type who relates to xiaxue. (ugly but thinks u're chio, and likes to read bitchy blogs..)

actualli the other site she condemned is damn funny (www.stephychua.blogspot.com) similar to husamalia's den..


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