Sunday, July 25, 2004

one of the rare days i managed to wake up on time despite sleeping super late last nite.. i really am growing up .. hiakz..

one of life's little realisations: the satisfaction of teaching doesn't lie in the kids getting good results; it actually lies on payday! when i got my pay today, was feeling super generous so i stayed extra time to explain some more questions.. losing alot of my patience with kids. why do they not see the tricks/shortcuts in maths? it was so clear to me even though i haven't touch all these stuff in years. have their school teachers not been teaching them properly? NIE seems to be training teachers who can't teach. If your students have to have tuition on what you've taught them, you can't be teaching them properly. what are we paying taxes for these lousy teachers for?

sorta decided to become vegetarian, meat to me seems suddenly very disgusting.. must be a phase.. but i purposefully only bought honeydew to eat despite feeling ravenous in front of an Old chang Kee stall. went home and tot could continue the vegetarian food thing but turns out mom was off work today and had cooked pig's stomach soup and my dad had prepared cockles and fried beehoon. now.. parents take so much trouble to prepare our meals.. we can't possibly just not eat rite? kinda rude.. so had to shelve the vege plans for tomorrow. :P


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