Tuesday, July 27, 2004

new layout! sick of my small fonts.. and one of my readers who was generally more mature complained he found it hard to read.. so .. decided to make full use of the space on iE.

last nite at dinner, i was about to order indian rojak cos the next table had a table with a big plate and it looked delicious. hp was like "HUH?" and proceeded to tell me some horror stories bout the stall. apparently, once, when he ate duck noodles just in front of the indian stall.. the stallholder came out to clear his pail. unfortunately, not just water flowed out of the pail. a family of >12 cockroaches, eggs, even albino roaches floated out. !!! the stallholder thumped the pail a few more times and 4/5 more roaches fell out. EWWWW!

learning how to use Fireworks. will try to do some chio design out when i finally master it.


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