Sunday, August 01, 2004

realised a person who msged me on wholivesnearyou.com actually really live in my estate. it works!! so we went to orchard today, got his handphone repaired at nokia care, and then walked ard abit until it was time for him to meet his frens and me to meet hp. :)

bought this today.. Issey Miyake's limited edition perfume..

smells gd.. fren who went with me said it smelt really feminine..

some of the free gifts included this bath gel that looked like a condom.. (?!) and also another perfumed bath thingey..

saw a broken carplate and wanted to bring it home.. but was afraid of spirits residing in it? heh. 4D anyone>?

After that watched The dreamers. It was so freaking RA. almost like porn. except it had a plot. the female lead had boobs that looked really weird. her nipples. they didn't look normal.. anyway.. thats the least of it.. the incest part is really gross. how they, as adult siblings still slept and bathed together naked. and how they watched each other masturbate and make love to other pple. and how they used sexual forfeits in all their film games. and there were scenes of 2 grown men bathing together. with the sister of course. all in a tub. i mean, how do these scenes actually fit into the story bout french revolution and the students then? besides showing they're incestuous, callous and just full of talk? i'm quite disturbed.


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