Thursday, August 05, 2004

yay! hp's off day today.. relaxed at his place today... played dynasty warrior on PS2 the whole afternoon and had delicious bak kut teh at the market opposite his block. the soup was rich in flavour and the pig's trotters was super fatty, totally suits my taste.. :P

sad that had to leave for tuition at bout 7. drats.

i got shortlisted for the Capcom EDB training test! to be a programmer though.. i hope they are testing logic and analysis skills cos i have all that! just that i'm too lazy to properly learn java :(

supper at fong seng.. actually dinner.. and it was packed. full of orientation uni students. haiz. nolstagic of the days when i was one of them. didn't realise we were such a rowdy bunch though. :P i felt pretty old.. although, i'm sure i actually looked like one of them. LOL.


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