Sunday, August 08, 2004

i have no stomach for war movies. I don't enjoy seeing arms/legs or any human parts being blasted out by shrapnel or by accidental mines. the love the brothers had for each other were touching. but it seems like in tough situations such as war, you abandon all forms or conscience or humanity you have when you're forced to fight for your survival. You want to kill the enemy because they have killed your friends and your family but you forget that these enemies are humans too. and they prolly were drafted to fight as unwillingly as you were, for the sake of their family. but as time go by, as you see more of these enemies killing your soldier friends, you hate them and kill them for revenge, not patriotism anymore. wat's the true aim of war? how are any problems solveD? you throw a bunch of people in a battlefield, they have to fight else they die. and the side with more survivors gain domination?

I think i'm a peace advocator. war really doesn't solve any problems.


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