Sunday, August 29, 2004

ahh.. to continue, my sis bought the printer and we had to drag it ard suntec. then there were some people that were realli morons.

i was dragging a trolley behind me and it was so crowded, of cos i couldn't keep making sure i dun hit anione, at least i kept looking back to make sure i didn't accidentally trip anione as i dragged it along.. However, some morons (a particular woman) had to try to step in btw the little bit of space btw me and the trolley to get a step ahead in front of everyone. obviously, i didn't have eyes behind my head, and i was only making sure the end of the trolley didn't trip anione from behind, u wan to step in btw me and the trolley, and u trip and nearly fall flat, who is there to blame?


and she still dare to glare at my sis and grumble really loudly about people who dun look where they drag their trolleys to purposely hurt other pple. super dulan, i said really loudly to my sister,

"what Happened? wat? the IDIOTIC woman tried to step between me and the trolley? she STUPID or wat? printer so big cannot see ah? my eyes at the back of my head meh? want to be kiasu blame other pple for wat?"

i think she heard me, considering she was walking behind me and she was grumbling to her fren really loudly to let me hear her words as well. too bad for her i didn't catch a single word she said, almost wanted to turn ard and slap her for bring a moron and kicking up a fuss when it was her own fault. grr.. it doesn't pay to cross me when i'm having a flu and feeling hungry with a major headache..

aniway, then at nite, hp passed me his extra wireless Lan card so basically, i've un-wired my home into a wireless networked home.. :) ALL BY MYSELF! muahahaha... now.. have to figure out how to share the laser printer from the living room..


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