Wednesday, September 01, 2004

oooh yah.. just tot of this.. (as in writing this) .. my birthday end of this month 28th Sep! so.. erh.. time for a wishlist!

1. Mp3 Player (256MB) chio one hor.. or IpoD?
2. Ripcurl/addidas/Nike sling bag (those squarish type)
3. New swimsuit (hmm.. go buttcheeks to get some ideas)
4. V-neck white pullovers
5. Novels (sophie Kinsella, anithing u think i would enjoy)
6. A surprise birthday celebration? (but please tell me not to organise my own if u wan to organise a party/anithing for me.. i'm intending to have a bbq if no one wanna surprise me .. *puss-in-boots eyes* )
7. Xbox games (if pirated >10 games thank you veri much!!)
8. colour wifi PDA with bluetooth :P
9. Lee Hwa/Soo Kee Jewellery..

ay hehe.. like very greedy hor.. but just a Wish List mah.. note that gifts 1-5 are very affordable, while the rest.. if u really buy, i'll love u forever sia!! aniway.. to avoid any clashes, tell me wat u getting me in advance to see if anione else is buyin tthat oredi k? even if presents are out of the list.. i totally will treasure it.. :)

Thanks again ah... (scarly i dun get a single thing from the list... C HOI !! )


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