Saturday, September 04, 2004

had a gd day.. albeit very tiring..

went to creative sale today to get mp3 player for Alan.. i went at like 12, and the 256 muvo tx fm was sold out le.. damn it! i hung ard the area hoping miracles would happen and it did. some one put his muvo back on to the table! alas.. a bunch of guys snatched it faster than me. :( in the blink of an eye, they managed to snatch up another one as well. i was shocked, and said veri pointedly " i dun think u need 2 rite?" and gave them veri "puss in boots" eyes.. they were very embarrassed and they had a pow wow among themselves and decided to give one up to me .. :) nice guys do exist in the world!

then queued up for like an hour to pay b4 rushing to orchard to meet xinhuan.. she had a bday function at fullerton in the evening and needed my help in getting a new dress.. walked around until we almost dieded (both of us were carrying veri heavy bags) and when we wanted to give up le, we found the perfect dress! almost perfect that is. it was a little too big but after checking out the rest of the stores, it turns out this was like the last piece in the whole of orchard road (?!) and no choice, she bought it. we went to mango as well and i decided to give myself an earli bday treat.. i feel very guilty now.. but saw this wonderful looking white jacket (looks wonderful on me as well :) ) and then i couldn't stop thinking bout it even while we were walking ard, so in the end, i went back to buy it. prolly my most expensive piece of clothing ever.. :S

then.. when to collect my xbOX! hahaaha.. i called and gave them some crap story bout how i was going overseas this weekend and asked to collect it today instead.. :P its damn heavy however.. i rushed to funan, collected it, left it with hp in his shop, then rushed for jap lessons.. super tired sia..

after that.. went back to funan to wait for hp to finish his meeting.. ended up going to boat quay for dinner with one of his colleagues and super chio gf.. seriously, super chio. felt quite inferior with my casual wear .. :S but we had thai food (YUM !!) and it was quite a gd meal.. they toked bout their work thruout dinner and we drank abit of beer and after that .. turns out that all of them lived in amk except for me, so took cab back with them and hp sent me back..

bath time.. nv felt so sticky in veri long.. horrible weather!!


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