Monday, September 06, 2004

woke up yesterday not wanting to think about anithing. it was full steam tuition (3 students) for the whole day, not much of personal choice or discipline, more of trying to make back the money i had so extravagantly spent on the mango jacket.. :S

luckily my parents chaffeured me and my sis around yesterday, thanks u pple! i'm not a veri expressive person to my parents, always seeming rude, but thats just the way the family is. no hugs or kisses, only loud arguments and hanging up of phones midway when my mom's angry.. actually she does that every phone call so is she angry at the end of every phonecall? she does that to my sis as well.. doesn't even say a bye at the end of the call.. giving us the impression that once again she's irritated with us. how is that conducive into building any warm family relationship? i do appreciate her trying to be concerned and a good mom, she's been very thrifty and housewifey for the past 20 years. hmm.. nvm..

and i had the best dreams in a long time last nite. at least at the start. it was kind of weird, i dreamt of hp's brother. perhaps it was due to the fact that last nite i webcammed with him before i went to bed. dreamt that we went out and broke into a chalet unit to watch tv.. haha.. he's a little bit beng, maybe that brought out the criminal tendencies in the dream.. and that we started talking and became quite close, such that it was comfortable when he put his arm over my shoulder and vice versa.. ITS onLY a dream! nothing to feel guilty or wat about.. and i dun have a crush on his brother by the way! ( i noe wat u pple are thinking) it was a good dream as in there wasn't any murdering, ghosts, running in fear, just normal friendship stuff.. especially since after that i woke up and fell back asleep and dreamt of Xq.. so prolly just dreaming of pple i'm concerned bout but nv see for very long le..

but i don't know why I'm waking up with aches and feeling very sore. is it my bed?


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