Saturday, September 11, 2004

so irritating.. the 2 kids i was supposed to teach Html to didn't turn up, so basically i woke up super early to surf net in NJC. boooooo...

then went back home, met up with chris since he was working in mindef, then went for tuition.. after that had loads of time to kill so i actually wandered around jurong point looking for work clothes. and shoes. and handbags. was feeling very ugly and almost wanted to buy a cap to hide my hair. dunno why it feels very dry. yuck. luckily managed to hold on to my $$ and only bought a correction tape thingey. been wanting to get one for very long, just that i couldn't bear to kill the tradition in using normal liquid paper.

jap class was quite fun.. but i'm worried bout how i can make it to the class once work starts. :S maybe i should speak to my supervisor bout it and ask her to arrange my off days on tue and fri for at least 4 weeks first, cos of these commitments.. :S hopefully she's a kind person?

my finger grew fat in the past few months i think. i'm able to wear the ring but not take it out after that without feeling like my finger is being chopped off :S


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