Friday, September 10, 2004

had our first whole day together in such a long time finally..

went to yishun first to collect these:

we collected the rings from the golden horse thing package we bought long ago.. these were free platinum wedding bands that came with it.. :)

after that we went to the temple in bugis.. both of us had some things to pray for and to thank for i suppose.. had very late lunch at simply thai.. both of us ate until we had sausage lips haha.. shopped in bugis for work pants, i can't possibly wear jeans to starhub and work rite?

had wanted to watch the terminal but there wasn't time.. went back to his place and played the new PS2 game we bought in yishun.. Crimson Butterflies: Fatal Frames II. VERY SCARY!!! its a one-person game, but we were both sitting there. then one scene was like SUPER eerie at the start. the little girl's sister had put a arm on her shoulder and without looking back, she put her own hand over the one on her shoulder. and then. her sister walked past. the hand was still on her shoulder. AHHH!H!H!H!H !!! eerie rite!!!

played until like 11+ then the day had to end le.. *sobz*

have a gd day tomolo dear.. seeya after jap. :)


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