Saturday, September 18, 2004

ok.. i'm drunk. sober. but drunk.

just came back from hp's colleague's bday celebration.. had 5 glasses of chivas with coke. :S and beer. and i'm still alive.. forgive me for my typos.. :P

aniway, i realli am that suay. should have performed less gd in the training. cos apparently wat i wan dun matter. in the interest of the company, i have been assigned to billing. !!!
separation from the cute guy :( but at lunch today, we shared you2 cai4. ok la, nothing scandalous muahahahah. oh well.. nothing to look forward to at work animore.. maybe occasional hi-s and byes.. haiz.. today i reached work at 8.20am. definitely an improvement from being just late at 9.10am the past few days. the bus frequency sucks. mmm.. ok.. i'm abit drunk here so i'm blabbering. at least i oni need to report to work at 11.30am on monday :P and i get shift allowance from working late.

will be working in century square tomolo.. :S nokia on the job training. bah. so far! but i figured this will be the last weekend i will be in control of my timing, so better slot the training here. aniway, will be paid wor..

ok, i better go sleep.. have a gd weekend every one...


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