Sunday, September 26, 2004

i made $175 today for my tuition of 8.5 hours.. :) quite alot huh.. i wasn't boliao enuff to count that until my mom asked me how much i made today. turns out its so much! .. i should quit my starhub job and do this everyday and i'll be rich.. stupid job ruining my time now.. have to cram my sunday with tuition... so why am i still feeling so poor if i'm making so much money? i seriously can't see the reason. hmm.. i'm not buying any new clothes or wat recently also.. this is very bizarre.. the case of the leaking money..

feel so alone today. haiz. i was actually listening to mp3 at the void deck all alone to while time away when i reached tuition early. it was the first time in the whole week i actually had sometime to myself, the only time i didn't feel like i was rushing for anything. very relaxed, i managed to listen to 4 songs b4 dragging myself off my butt to walk to the elevator.

i nv receive sms-es anymore. today was an exceedingly quiet day. is there such a disease known as loneli-citis?


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