Saturday, September 25, 2004

today's my lunar bday! ok, i only just remembered, but mid autumn fest is on my real bday! (28-sep)

boring day at work, when the hell are they going to give us our IDs?! i'm so sick of going to work all aimless and zobo. when it was nearing end of working hours, this girl (butch) told me that the desk beside her was no one's and i could actually clear it and claim it for my own. took me an hour and i filled 3 wastepaper baskets with all the old trash from at least 4 temps who used to occupy the table! .. the dust and the accumulated papers was quite disgusting. but at least i cleaned up the table. its super neat now, will take a pict of it soon.. monday some pple are coming to audit the call centre for some award thing and we're supposed to wear office wear to look more pro.. i doubt the standard of the calls will actually change though..

i now noe the feeling of being totally ignored and it doesn't feel gd. u begin to hate the person who caused that and start to plot ways of revenge to get rid of the root of the problems.

feel very very tired. 4 tuitions tomolo again. haiz. i have no time to meet with my frens at all or have ani bday celebration and the next off day is thurs which is so far away.

i think i will be taking a break from socialising. does it matter if its voluntary or involuntary? no one has actually even spoken to ask me whether i wan to celebrate my bday. hp asked me wat i wan to buy but i really have nothing i really wan. except more time with pple i treasure. forget the previous wish list, it was stupid. the sixoneders are going to buy me a pair of adidas, erh, dun think i'll get anithing else. but anyway, thanks to all the pple for being my frens when i'm feeling down and out.


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