Friday, September 24, 2004

bleary eyed at work again. today both supervisor and team leader were absent, so i had no instructions from anyone. the other team leader was unfrenly, as was my mentor, so i went back to my own team's pple as soon as they came to work. at least we could chat. these other teams were very superficial, always find fault with the smallest matters.

i must say, the logistics suck. one of the girls called the agency today to complain bout the job scope change and low pay. the agent gave us some crap reason like "u're paid $2 less to have less responsibilities.. anithing that's too stressful or u dun noe, just write down and pass to other pple to do. " WTH!!?!? this line coming from a person hiring for companies?! anione reading this, please dun let Careerhub help u source for employees, given this kind of attitude coming from the director of the company himself. no wonder he had to start a job agency to cheat pple's money; his attitude towards work sucKS!!!! we were pissed off by this and we decided to just finish up this job and forget bout extending ani contract with him.

agilent tech called me again. apparently, even though i said i couldn't make it for a interview, the manager liked me so much he was willing to organise a phone interview, cos prolly they needed some one urgently too.. also, they knew bout the starhub contract but he said it was ok, we go thru the interview first. oh well :) if got prospects of cos i'll leave the stupid agency.. :P but its a 6 month contract, i have to see how the japan thing goes..

had a very embarrassing incident. i smiled at this stranger whom i tot was my fren at first. then the guy looked at me for quite long, and i realised something was amiss. this guy looked similar but wasn't exactly alike. and then he smiled back. OH NO!!! by then i had realised i didn't noe this person at all, so i quickly finished my food and left in a hurry. he prolly thinks i was an over frenly person who smiles at every one. YIKES!!!

work on a sat tomolo. prolly listening in again. STUPID. BORING.


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