Thursday, September 23, 2004

today is so tiring. i slept late last nite, and this morning had to wake at 6.30am.

the morning passed in a daze. cos i was doing nothing and yawning away. hahahahaha.

finally i was allowed to take calls. but the stupid HR hasn't prepared our IDs yet, so we can't do any freaking thing by ourselves. as least the 2nd half of the day i took calls in with a senior guiding us. suay enuff, i got like the most difficult pple in the country.. the kind that has grudges with everyone in the company. haiz. in the end just put them on hold and waited for the supervisor to take the call. no wonder they said its stressful. saying no to pple is really difficult. haiz.

had dinner with ed at clementi and went tuition after that. was so tired i was nodding off at tuition. my poor kid was influenced by me and was yawning thru the whole session. he was very nice though, told me to quickly finish giving him his spelling and then go home lor.. :S so embarrassing.. but i really hate waking up so early. haiz.


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