Tuesday, September 28, 2004

had quite a gd bday dinner. :) we went to pasta cafe for dinner and after that we wandered around looking at clothes. Nike women has such cool clothing i wanna buy everything up! hp bought me an adidas bag and a nike tank top.. hee.. thanks dear.. veri cool.. will buy u the matching top after i get my pay.. will upload photos tomolo :)

saw a pair of Nike shoes that i like.. think i'll get that instead of adidas sneakers..

bought some japanese mooncakes.. so pretty those things! and very tasty actually..

i'm still feeling kinda sad but at least was busy at work today to take my mind off matters. i dunno how things can be expected to be forgotten in such a short time. but i'll just try to keep things light and let every one stay happy? feels a little awkward. i nv know how to handle these situations. i've kept my promises. am now waiting for the nite of clubbing again..


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