Monday, October 04, 2004

finally got our IDs!! nothing to be excited about.. i had to key in the back log of all the calls i handled.. took me 3 hours to clear the past 3 days of work. this is why we should always do the recording of incidents at the same time! but at least i have the messenger to chat with my mates downstairs now muahahaha..

i sorta became the teacher to the newer batch pple. there's this guy in my group who keeps smiling at me. (ya he's quite cute and all the other teams' girls are all ogling at him..) but he's new, and he actualli got his ID first!!! so unfair. then i borrowed his id and let him watch me do the updating while he learns.. heh.. so we got to chatting and turns out he's from poly, 1981 batch, and apparently a smoker too.. oh well.. why all cute guys smoke?! pity..

the afternoon shift is slow... and i dun get to see the rest of the pple at all.. although it gave me a chance to bond with my teammates.. got to know them all abit better.. :) they're veri humourous, esp the guys.. hiakz..


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