Thursday, September 30, 2004

its been a hellish day.

not a single person replied to my sms-es. has the world disappeared?

spent $20++ on cab fares rushing from one destination to the next. only to reach my interview venue late and to be told to wait till 5pm. 2 hours!! .. i'm very unhappy with myself and everyone.

whole schedule for tuition messed up tonite cos of the delay in the interview. i'm so tired. very very tired.

song of the moment - Ge Qian (jay zhou). its totally wat someone seems to be saying to me rite now..


词:宋健彰 曲:周杰伦

久未放晴的天空 依旧留着你的笑容 哭过却无法掩埋歉疚
风筝在阴天搁浅 想念还在等待救援 我拉着线复习你给的温柔
暴晒在一旁的寂寞 笑我给不起承诺 怎么会怎么会你竟原谅了我
我只能永远读着对白 讀著我給你的傷害 我原谅不了我 就请你当作我已不在
我睁开双眼 看着空白 忘记你对我的期待
读完了依赖 我很快就离开


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