Sunday, October 03, 2004

i think i'm suffering from STM (short term memory). i can't remember wat i did friday and sat.

oh yah.. i already blogged bout friday.. *rolls eyes at my stupidity*

saturday was a full work day, had lunch at the JVC canteen. I dunno why i was stoning, i managed to pour my coke into the space on the table beside my glass instead of into the glass. & made a puddle of coke on the table. DUH. and then ed and lester laughed at my boo boo. haiz. so clumsy as usual. stupid ed was like "Wah! must u make do one duh thing a day?" ....

after lunch, time seemed to pass quite quickly.. realised too late i had the nite free. last min called up frens, no one wanted to have dinner with me.. *sobz* in the end i walked ard orchard by myself abit.



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