Saturday, October 09, 2004

i guess i have to learn to trust again. since he promised to improve.

i had a good off day today. :) treated ed to lunch at crystal jade while he bought me a belated bday present.. New beige pierre cardin wallet! thx man... at least this one won't pop open and take up lotsa space in my bag..

we walked ard whole of orchard scouting for a wallet i liked.. it was no easy task. the wallets we kept seeing were the same few brands. so in the end we ended up stoning at borders coffee bean.. and where we observed that wheelock place has really stupid auto doors that open outwards which almost hit many pple walking into the building. the sensor was too slow.. and we were holding our breath waiting for someone to run into the building to get hit by the doors. hiakz... we are so mean...

jap class later on, had a blur time trying to figure out what the teacher was saying. the teacher was new, she refused to speak english at all, i could make out her instructions barely.. our old teacher is feeling homesick and going back to japan!! :( its really sad, at least she should have finished this term with us.. haiz.. i hope we have a good new teacher..


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