Friday, October 08, 2004

went to kbox for the first time!!

apparently, most of us girls (the new pple) had off days tomolo (friday) .. so at dinner, we toked bout going out after work.. decided on kbox and so off we went after work in someone's vehicle..

cos there were oni 5 of us.. we got to sing our money's worth until 3am.. hee.. i got to sing ALOT.. now having a sore throat.. beer and cigs do not help singers.. but at least i got a chance to know the other new pple better oso.. apparently one of the girls lived with her bf, another one has a Traffic police as a bf.. there were 2 other guys.. they didn't say whether they had girlfrens.. :P but at least been to KTv to destress.. and its payday!! haha.. now at least i can mail out my cheques to pay my bills again :)

looking forward to my proper off day in a long time tomorrow...


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