Sunday, October 10, 2004

finally a unhectic sunday.

tuition (x2) ended at 3pm today, frens jio-ed me to watch movie in JB cos it was cheap.. so off we went, reached JB at 4+, turns out city square no Jackie Chan movie so we had to settle for Ladder 49.

it was awesome. action-packed and very sad at the end. its the show with john travolta and joaquin phoenix. i was sniffing at the end.. but of cos, the show really upped my impression of firemen. they are "the only people running into the fire when everyone else are running out" .. very very very courageous. but their family members worry all the time whether they would return home safely each day. go catch it!! (very worthwhile for 10RM)

then we shopped around and i bought 2 pairs of shorts/berms from OP, and NARUTO! the comic book cost like 4.50RM each.. so i bought like 5 books! haha.. always feel very rich in JB..

then.. due to SBS' inefficiency, we waited at the bus stop at the woodlands causeway for like an hour. there were throngs of pple. we actually walked over the causeway on foot cos it was faster. then.. for a whole hour, there were only 170s going to kranji mrt. in the end, we couldnt bear it anymore and we just got on one of them. else we would prolly be still at woodlands now.

so tired.. tomolo Capcom interview! wish me good luck!!


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