Sunday, October 17, 2004

Spoilers ahead!!
dun read if u actually want to watch 2046 (the movie)..

some advice:
1. dun watch when u're sleepy
2. dun watch the midnight show cos u might fall asleep.

i watched 2046 last nite. it was like chungKing express. abstract story . slow moving. immoral themes. it was a good movie, i actually liked most of it, just couldn't help cringing at how wanton the whole show seemed to be. everything revolved round the protagonist's relationships (& sex life) and how he had commitment issues. and then there was Kimura Takuya (who spoke jap in the show!! :) ) he's still delicious.. hoho.. but not much chance to express himself, really quite a cameo role.. the cinema was freezing cold.. i was shivering beneath my MNG jacket.. so it was easy to just switch off into hibernating mode..

hmm.. conclusion is that just catch the weekday show for that.. its not worth the weekend money despite the big names.


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