Sunday, October 24, 2004

met xinhuan (my best fren since sec sch) today after lunch for a shopping trip.. i'm getting old.. i do not have stamina for walking around orchard anymore.. after like an hour, i was yawning and feeling the strain in my calves. we walked around without any aim & i bought her a cardigan jacket thingey that she liked so much from zara even though she had just bought a jacket herself.. heh.. i owe her many years of bday presents..

met the guys for dinner.. broke the news to them.. they were surprised.. and i felt a big twinge of sadness that i was not going to see them for so long.. dinner was once again full of crap and stomach-aching lame jokes.. i was glad to see them again and i realise how lucky i am that most of them are still unattached thats why we are still so close. we all sorta need one another still i suppose.. dinner was cheaper than i expected, and was very filling.. after that went to zw's place and it was a riot playing naruto together roundtable style on his ps2.. shouting tactics, taking sides, reading the comics at the same time.. haiz... i took some picts with them.. but still.. i'm very sad..


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