Wednesday, October 20, 2004

last nite was too tired to blog..

there was this horrendous caller yesterday.. she wasn't screaming at me, she didn't scold me, she was just so naggy and slow and managed to have a 2-hour phone call with me trying to explain her bill to her. !! but i have to thank her, cos when she finally ended the call, she thanked me for being so patient and my sup says she will listen to the compliment part and get me a commendation letter! haha.. so my efforts wasn't wasted!! :P

then today, finally i was briefed on wat our project was about. nothing special, but seems to have been delayed again. the press release was supposed to have been today, but er.. nothing seems to have happend yet. so.. we're all waiting.. one good thing is that the people downstairs have come up! ^ . ^ so happy! got more pple to chit chat with le.. :P

some of my colleagues jio me to go eat bak kut teh later in the night but i so tired now le.. haiz.. they have so many activities but working this shift is so hellish how to go out? always so tired at work.. and have to wake up at 6am.. boo...


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