Thursday, October 21, 2004


yes, everyone, i've been selected for the job of R&D manager in the EDB (Economic Development Board) training & Attachment program with CAPCOM.. !!! my whole year's wait for a job has finally paid off.. today, after i received the phone call.. i dunno why i was crying.. i was actually just welling up with tears at first.. then ed came by my desk and he was like "why ur eyes so red?" then i just burst out "i got the job! i got the joB!!!" and he shook my hand to congratulate me and i starting crying.. so weird & so embarrassing.. tears of joy i suppose but so relieved at finally getting this job and not letting my parents down..

i've been feeling like quite a failure, stuck in temp jobs while everyone seemed to be achieving things that i should have been doing.. getting consultant jobs and wat-nots.. i seemed to be the only one who have graduated so long yet achieved nothing.. but now its all OVER!!!!! i finally can earn some dough and save towards a car.. and contribute towards my family.. WOOHOO!!!

i'm ecstatic actually.. rowie at work was like.. "haha.. see u blur look, keep daydreaming.. dunno how come they hire u to be manager.. " :P i dunno how come.. seriously, i have no experience, i tot i didn't impress them at the interview.. but now, thats not impt, all that matters is that I WAS SELECTED!!!! MUAHAHAH


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